These are a number of little stories written mostly during my years living in Japan. They're heavily influenced by copious quantities of caffeine, and a few blows to the head. Generally, I throw a bucketful of coffee-inspired words at the screen, and whatever sticks, I give a title and call a story. Inshallah.

Pour yourself a bowl of java, click on a bean, and let your mind go numb.

The Unbearable Rightness of Bean (The Big Bob Saga)

bean Driving Ms.(Daisy) Valdez
Pintos and Beans.
bean Gobi All You Can Be
How about some desert with your coffee?.
bean The Beanata
A fine Mexican blended adventure.
bean Bobzilla
The king of the Beans.
bean Cafrodisiac
Love and Laundry.
bean Beanisis
In the Bean-ginning.

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