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I like to play on the net. When I came back from Japan in 1997, I'd never actually used the internet. I'd hardly seen it as it was very rare over there. But I borrowed an ancient (slooooooooooow) laptop from my brother - thanks Kev - and started to play. I put up a website a month later, then another, and another, and soon I had about seven. Then I thought I'd get serious and finally decide on "what I was going to do with my life", so I went back to University for a year and got a teaching degree.

Things went in a totally unforseen direction, my teaching career was shelved (temporarily ?), and now I design and build websites for a living. I actually love my job. Something must be wrong here...

Below are links to various sites I'm working on professionally, and links to information regarding the services I offer. Have a look about, and feel free to get in touch with me if you feel the urge.

metallic orb www.cyberdiver.com The internet's one-stop portal for scuba divers.
metallic orb www.scubadive.net The premier provider of web site design and electronic commerce solutions for the global diving industry.
metallic orb www.pyrometallurgy.com A wealth of information for the pyrometallurgical world.

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